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Pond and Water Feature Maintenance

Expert Help When You Need It

If you have a pond or water feature in your garden, in the grounds of your business premises or in the communal gardens maintained by your property's owner association, you will know that water feature maintenance is essential to keep it looking beautiful, luckily that's just where we can help.

For everything from pond maintenance for your garden pond, to water feature maintenance for the most extravagant feature or fountain, our expert, professional help can keep it looking its best every month of the year.

Pond ans Water Feature Maintenance from A and H Lawn Maintenance

You might not realize that water feature maintenance is essential to prevent it from becoming a positive health hazard. We have the expertise to ensure that your asset does not become a liability, harboring dangerous bacteria that can cause serious illness and become a safety hazard if allowed to develop.

Ponds that attract wildlife or provide a home for ornamental fish also deserve professional attention. Regular pond maintenance will ensure that the surface does not become clogged with Duckweed or Blanket weed. We can ensure that your fish stay in good health and take action if anything is amiss. If pond liners need repair or replacement, or just routine pond cleaning is required, we can promise that the impact on the environment for the plants and creatures that have made the pond their home will be kept to the absolute minimum.

Pond and water feature maintenance can be a laborious chore; don't let the thought of having to maintain and manage such a feature prevent you from including one on your premises or in your garden. Having professional help to take care of those maintenance jobs ensures that things never get out of hand. You will have the pleasure of enjoying whatever water feature you have without any worry about the health and safety risks that could develop or the impact a poorly maintained pond could have on the plants and animals that live in it.

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