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Turf Applications

Determining the correct turf applications for each landscape is important. There are many different types of grasses, soils, and other factors that determine the need for each type of lawn application. At A and H Lawn Maintenance, we determine the best plan of action for your lawn based on your lawn. Soil testing is done prior to choosing the types of turf application to be sure that your landscape is getting exactly what it needs.

We include fertilizer and weed control in our contracts so there are no surprises with your bill or your lawn.

Weed Control

Pre-emergent Herbicides

Pre-Emergent Herbicides kill germinating seeds. Therefore, it is best for controlling annual weeds such as crabgrass. It is important to apply pre-emergent a few weeks before the weed seeds germinate.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

Selective Post-Emergent Herbicides are used because of the variety of weeds they kill without harming your grass. They can harm your trees, shrubs and flowers, so professional use is always best.

Non-Selective Post Emergent Herbicides will destroy all plants. Grass, flowers, and weeds. This is primarily used when spot treating perennial grassy weeds that cannot be killed with selective herbicides.


A Fertilization Plan will be customized for you with your annual agreement. Most of the time, Nitrogen Fertilizations are based upon your desired growth rate and the type of grass you are growing. However, other elements in your Fertilization plan will be based on your soil analysis.

Organic vs. InOrganic Fertilizers

There are pros and cons to both organic and inorganic fertilization.

Organic Fertilizer

Notable Pros- Does not contain chemicals and does not burn grass.

Notable Cons- Contains Animal Manure which can be smelly and takes time to release nutrients into the soil.

Inorganic Fertilizer

Notable Pros- Synthetic blend is specially formulated and releases nutrients quickly

Notable Cons- Inorganic Fertilizer is a chemical compound and can burn your plants if applied too heavily.

Insect Control

Most properly maintained lawns do not have pest problems. In the event that you do have pest problems, we can help! We maintain the required Pesticide Applicator Licensing and our staff is trained on the best ways to deal with each type of pest insects.

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