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Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Bushes

Regular Pruning of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Pays Off

A large part of the pleasure of having a garden comes from the enjoyment of watching new plants and shrubs grow and get established; but as they grow, pruning your ornamental trees, shrubs and bushes regularly is vital - you might be asking yourself "Why prune your trees?".

Three Reasons Why Pruning Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Bushes is so Important

Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

1. To keep the aesthetics of your garden, with everything in proportion and larger shrubs and bushes not robbing smaller plants of their light and space.

2. Ornamental Tree pruning will keep your trees healthy. Fruit trees will be more productive, specimen trees will have weak or damaged branches removed making it harder for pests and fungal diseases to get established - and if problems with pests are spotted early, remedial action can be taken to remove any infected wood, preventing a small problem from growing into a bigger one.

3. Pruning ornamental trees, shrubs and bushes that have grown large is also vital from a safety point of view as winter winds and wild weather can bring branches crashing down, risking injury to anyone in the garden or if your property adjoins a road or footpath, posing a risk to pedestrians and road users too.

Of course, your own safety must be paramount too and there is no doubt that calling in Professional help will pay dividends all round. Most people do not have the tools or the expertise to safely and effectively get tree pruning jobs done in their gardens. We will provide a free estimate for pruning trees, shrubs and bushes, getting your garden back in shape in no time! We will discuss exactly what our charges cover and carry out the work required in a prompt and timely manner.


Fertilizer is another important aspect of caring for your trees. Certain trees in certain lawns don’t need fertilizer. Some aspects that are considered when determining the need for fertilization are:

Deficiencies in your Soil

Most soil in South Carolina is sufficient in Magnesium and Sulfer, but Calcium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium could be needed in your soil. Micronutrients, such as iron or zinc, could also be deficient. It is important to know what your soil is lacking so that you know which types of fertilizer to apply.

Amounts of Fertilizer

You can apply too much fertilizer! Over applying could cause harm to the very plants and trees you are trying to help. Excessive fertilizer can produce weak growth and is more susceptible to cold weather, droughts and insect problems. Besides, unabsorbed fertilizer can contaminate groundwater or even burn your lawn.

Application Method

Indirectly fertilizing your trees, shrubs and bushes occurs when you are fertilizing your lawn. Your trees will absorb some of that fertilizer. Direct Fertilization can be done many ways. For instance, depending on your needs and your yard type, fertilizer can be applied in your irrigation water. It may also be applied manually in the tree or shrub’s root zone, or it may be applied topically to the leaves of some plants.


Timing is another major factor with fertilizing your trees, shrubs and bushes. Spring is usually best but factors such as water availability and temperature play a big role in perfect timing.

Tree, Shrub and Bush Care will be given careful consideration when determining the best plan for your business or home.

Don't let your beautiful garden become overgrown, unsightly and unsafe - just complete our form to get a free estimate.Ornamental Tree, Shrub and Bush Care will be given careful consideration when determining the best plan for your business or home. - Our Consultation costs you nothing and you can relax - letting us take care of your ornamental trees,shrubs and bushes so you can get on with enjoying your garden!

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