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A and H Lawn Maintenance Seasonal Lawn Care

Year Round Maintenance

Each season brings different tasks that must be done in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape all year round. Luckily, the majority of our Service Contracts are Annual, so you get excellent service and an excellent property even in the winter!

Not every service applies to every yard, but we've compiled a list of common seasonal services that we may include in your contract.


After a long winter, the beauty of Spring is something to behold! Beautiful plants returning to life, sprouts, warmer air- Life all around you waking up! But, there is a lot of work to be done! We can help get your yard in tip top shape!

Lawn Maintenace

Spring Lawn Maintenance Mowing, Trimming and Edging is needed more often again.

Turf Applications

Pre-Emergents should be used now to prevent weeds and crabgrass. Fertilizer may be used again for your Lawn and your Garden Beds.

Warm Weather Grass

Time to re-establish your Bermuda grass and other warm weather grasses for a lush lawn all spring and summer long!


Planting hardy annuals may be done in the spring. Choose your plants carefully early on though, Spring in South Carolina can be unpredictable.


Oh, the joys of Summer! Kids out of school, vacations, pool time! Unfortunately, most people spend tons of time in the summer doing yard maintenance. Don't spend your days off doing yard work! We take care of that so you can spend your time doing the things you love!

Lawn Maintenance

This is the time of the year that your lawn maintenance will be needed every week, in most cases.

Irrigation and Watering

This time of the year, a lot of grass is stressed by drought and hot weather. Watering is very important. We monitor your irrigation system and report any issues with your watering schedule.


Pests and insects are abundant during the hot summer months. We look for signs of pest and insect problems before they cause damage to your landscape.

Turf Applications

The types of lawn applications vary depending on your lawn, but most garden beds could use a slow release fertilizer during the summer months.


Cooler Weather, Fall Leaves providing breath taking sights, camp fires, the smell of pumpkin pie... Enjoy Fall, let US do the yard work!

Core Aeration and Fall Fescue Overseeding

Fall Lawn Maintenance from A and H Lawn Services Core Aeration pulls plugs of compacted soil from the ground allowing the Fescue seeds to penetrate and grow more easily. Read more about the many benefits of core aeration

Fall Leaves

The first fallen leaves of fall look lovely, but after a while they start getting brown and soggy, smothering your grass and making a mess. Fall Leaf Removal keeps your lawn looking great, minimizing the leaves on your lawn before it gets out of control. Leaf Removal is a part of most of our Service Agreements.

Turf Applications

Fall is a great time for many of your Lawn's needs to be met. Fertilizer, weed control and overseeding is often needed for the next growing cycle.


Some types of trees need to be pruned in the fall to keep them looking their best. Another reason for pruning is to keep falling limbs from damaging your property in the coming winter.


Who says your lawn has to look bad in the Winter?! If you don't maintain your lawn during the winter, you may have problems come spring. We keep your lawn looking great all year long!

Winter Lawn Maintenance from A and H Lawn Services

Overwintering Turf

We make sure your grass roots are protected from the weather. A high potassium fertilizer may be needed to ensure your root system will withstand a cold winter


Some trees thrive when pruned in the winter. We prune each type of tree by it's recommended schedule. Evergreens, for instance, do better when pruned after their growing period.


Some lawns still need to be mowed, weeded and edged to maintain appearance during the winter. Winter clean up is important as well.

Snow Removal

We do offer Snow Removal!

Year Round Maintenance

As you can see, properly maintaining a lawn and landscape is not something that should only be done in the Summer. Keeping year round service ensures that you will maintain the health and beauty of your landscape throughout the year.

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