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Lawn Maintenance is Important

Regular Lawn Maintenance is important for a variety of reasons including beauty, health and property value. A well maintained lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood and keep your “Curb Appeal” and property value high.


When you pull into your driveway does your home look like your haven or a disaster? Does your landscaping impress your clients or make them apprehensive on what awaits them indoors?

Beautiful Lawn, Quality Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful yard makes you happy to come home. It inspires your guests and is the envy of the neighborhood. Likewise, a well maintained lawn at your business makes clients feel welcome and at ease before they ever even get through the door.

A well maintained lawn is the key to a beautiful yard. All of the beautiful plants, trees and features of your yard don’t matter if you have bare or brown patches or uncut turf.


A healthy lawn has no brown or bare patches, it is free of harmful insects and will not have weeds everywhere. Each lawn is different and a lot of consideration is placed on finding the best possible grass for each type of lawn.

Long term maintenance from a professional is the best way to obtain and keep a healthy lawn.

Property Value

Having a healthy, beautiful yard can increase your property value by the thousands. We all know that improving your home’s roof, siding and windows is a major boost to your property value, but some realtors estimate that improving the quality, color and length of your lawn can increase your home’s value about 5%! Our Lawn Maintenance makes it easy!

Maintenance Plans

We offer completely customized plans for each client. We know that every lawn and landscape is different with individual needs. While some clients need help with acres of manicured lawns for their business, and Home Owners Associations may need either a Common Area, individual yards or both maintained, and a home owner may need a small landscape serviced. We offer 12 Month Contracts to keep your landscape in Tip Top condition all year round!

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