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Irrigation Management

The correct amount of water for your lawn and plants is essential to maintaining a lush and healthy landscape. Businesses, Home Associations and residential clients pay thousands for the best irrigation systems for their landscape, but who monitors them to be sure they are on the best schedule? Who monitors them to be sure they are working correctly? We do!

Because we are concerned with every aspect of your Lawn and Landscape, we monitor your irrigation system to make sure it is functioning properly, running at optimal times for the health of your turf, and we are often the first to notice when it has malfunctioned.

We can take the steps needed to be sure your irrigation system is running at it’s best! Proper water usage maintains plant health and reduces nutrient loss. It also reduces the incidence of disease and pests in your lawn. Proper watering can also reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides. It is very important to a well maintained lawn.

Water Management and Scheduling

Irrigation Services from A and H Lawn Maintenance

Overwatering limits oxygen to the plant’s roots creating smaller, less lush plants and grass. It can also cause Root Rot. Overwatering can and does kill plants. If they are not killed by overwatering, many infections can occur.

Another common problem is watering on an incorrect schedule. An afternoon shower on a hot day sounds nice, but evaporation takes a big part of water, leaving you with under watered plants and grass.

Nighttime watering is no better. No evaporation means that the water will be sitting on the plants all night increasing the incidence of fungal infections. Knowing the right timing for your irrigation system to run is just one of the many benefits to our monitoring.

Irrigation Monitoring can be worked into a Landscape Management Plan especially suited to your needs.

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