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Garden Beds

Garden Bed Services from A and H Lawn

Let’s face it, a beautiful lawn is just a beautiful lawn until you add a stunning flower bed. It provides a stunning background (or foreground) and visual interest.

After all, isn’t life about stopping to smell the roses?

However, an amazing flower bed isn’t only about the roses. How pretty would it be with weeds popping up, no mulch to cover the soil, or dead blooms? Maintenance is a huge part in keeping your flower beds beautiful.


Mulching your garden isn’t only about providing a visual backdrop to your flowers and plants. It also retains moisture and provides nutrients back into the soil when it decomposes. A healthy layer of mulch is needed for all garden beds and even trees, shrubs and bushes. There are many types of mulch to choose from and we can help!


A beautiful garden wouldn’t stay beautiful with weeds taking over. We control the weeds during every Service Call.

Planning and Planting

Whether you are planning a new garden bed or just getting ready for next year’s growing season, planning your garden bed is essential to maintain the look you want. Most beautiful gardens weren’t just thrown together, but are the result of years of planning. What types of plants do best in your soil, in our USDA zones, in your shading? What types of plants look best and thrive with your other plants? What about filling in the holes left by annuals from last year? These are questions we must answer to best help you grow a beautiful garden. We can help you with your planning and help you plant, as well.

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