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Aeration and a healthy lawn

Healthy Lawn, Aeration

Aeration is a major aspect of keeping your lawn healthy and happy. A healthy lawn has deep roots. Soil compacts over time and slows the movement of water, air and other vital nutrients. This keeps the roots from growing deep.

Another problem in the Greenville area is Red Clay. Clay type soil is especially compacted and needs a little extra help to produce the desired results. This is where Aeration comes into play. Aeration is the process of “coring” small plugs of earth to let the soil absorb the nutrients, air and water and better supply your grass roots.

The Benefits of Core Aeration are many.

  • Loosens soils and allows distribution of air, nutrients, water and turf applications to penetrate the grass roots.
  • Enhances air circulation that stimulates the roots of the grass and allows growth to make a more lush lawn.
  • Aeration severs grass roots which stimulates growth. This allows the grass to fill holes made through aeration and creates a more dense landscape.
  • Reduces water runoff and puddles.
  • Reduces stress in times of heat and drought
  • Improves Resilience
  • Reduces the need for frequent watering
  • Helps break up thatch

Hiring a professional to aerate your lawn is important! We can best determine timing, depth, types of grass needed to make your lawn everything you want it to be! Another benefit of hiring a professional for your aeration needs is that we have professional equipment. This is important because your options as a home owner are either using a spading fork which is timely and can further compact the soil or renting an aerator which can be expensive.

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