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10 Essential Tips for Fall Landscaping

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It is a common misconception that yard work slows down in Fall. While the frequency of mowing might slow there are a lot of tasks that should be done in the fall to insure a beautiful lawn and garden come spring. Here are a few things you can do to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood next year!

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Installing your Sod

DIY Sod Installation| Laying Sod| Installing Sod| DIY Sod| Grass| Landscape| Greenville SC| Spartanburg SC

Over the past two months we have discussed the benefits of sod vs. seed and explained how to prepare your lawn for sod installation. Today we will explain how to install your new lawn!

Receiving Your Delivery

The day has finally come. When your delivery arrives it needs to be placed in a shady location. It should not be allowed to sit long because it will start drying out and dying. If it is going to take longer than a few hours for you to get started make sure you water the entire stack of sod, including the sides and place burlap over it to avoid all of the water evaporating.

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